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Special lectures:

Ben Feringa | University of Groningen
    Molecules in Motion, from Switches to Motors (Opening Lecture)
Peter R. Schreiner | University of Giessen
    London Dispersion Effects in Molecular Chemistry – Reconsidering Steric Effects (Patai-Rappoport Lecture)
Antonio M. Echavarren | ICIQ Tarragona
    New Gold-Catalyzed Reactions for the Synthesis of Natural Products (Kurt Alder Lecture)

Confirmed plenary speakers:

Corinne Aubert | UPMC Paris
    Transistion Metal-Catalyzed [2+2+2] Cycloadditions and Cycloisomerizations: An Overview
Geert-Jan Boons | Utrecht University
    Functional Glycomics through Chemical Synthesis
Ashraf Brik | Technion | Haifa
    Organic Chemistry Applied to Proteins: The Case of Ubiquitination and Deubiquitination
Matthew Gaunt | University of Cambridge
    New Catalytic Strategies for Chemical Synthesis
Stefan Matile | University of Geneva
    Conceptually Innovative Functional Systems
Christina Nevado | University of Zurich
    Transformative Catalysis: Rational Design and Unexpected Surprises
Richmond Sarpong | UC-Berkeley
    Strategies and Methods for Chemical Synthesis Inspired by Complex Natural Products
Tanja Weil | MPI Mainz
    Dynamic Bioactive Macromolecules by Reversible Chemistry
Shuli You | SIOC Shanghai
    Catalytic Asymmetric Dearomization (CADA) Reactions

Confirmed invited speakers:

Maurizio Benaglia | U Milano
    Enabling Technologies-Assisted Stereoselective Organic Synthesis:(Organo)Catalysis, Catalytic and 3D-Printed Reactors
Didier Bourissou | Toulouse
    Transition Metal Catalysis under Ligand Control
Thibault Cantat | Saclay
    Activation and Conversion of CO2 and SO2 under Metal-Free Conditions
Jan  Deska | Aalto U
    Reverse Biomimetics: Teaching Enzymes the Art of Modern Organic Synthesis
AnnMarie O'Donoghue | Durham
    From Stable Carbenes to Blatter Radicals
M. Angeles (Tati) Fernandez Ibanez | Amsterdam
    Ligand-Accelerated C-H Functionalization Reactions
Uli Kazmaier | Saarbrücken
    Stereoselective Peptide Modifications – Efficient Tools for Natural Product and Drug Syntheses
Olivier Riant | U Cathol Louvain
    A Quest for Bio-Orthogonal Transition Metal Catalysis in Living Cells
Franziska Schoenebeck | Aachen
    Adventures in Catalysis: from Mechanisms to Applications
Christof Sparr | U Basel
    Stereoselective Arene-Forming Aldol Condensation
Mariola Tortosa | UA Madrid
    Synthesis of Versatile Synthetic Intermediates through Copper-Catalyzed Borylations
Georgios Vassilikogiannakis | U of Crete
    Advancing the Sustainable Chemistry of Singlet Oxygen and Applying it to Synthetic Challenges